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It is part travel writing, part musings about theatre and life.
The reader will visit: Taipei, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, Beijing, Jakarta, Bangkok, HongKong and many more.

The writing is evocative, lively, thought provoking and captivating. The reader is taken on a journey through time, place and imagination and it is a pleasure to follow Matschoss in his travels. The book is a feast of sensory detail which makes the reader feel that she or he is right there with the writer. The combination of information about the places visited, the personal reflections on theatre and the sensory descriptions keep the reader interested and turning page after page. (Martha Lovette )

Joachim Matschoss displays a true traveler’s eye for what most other people are too busy to notice.
Geoff Page

Matschoss is a man whose world is a stage – and the people on it are his muses, his inspirations. The reader travels with the writer guided by the perception and clarity of the writing.
Wendy O’Hanlon

MISSING IN ME and other Plays.

Coming out in June 2017. 

Six new plays dealing with real-life issues. Performance rights are available.

Contact us under:

dreams from a suitcase

new haikus and poems from times on the road

available in September

Weight Of Time

International Tour 2015/2016

Melbourne shows November 26-28, 2015

Kew Court House, High Street, Kew

Books available

Small world, play, 2013

Away with Me, travel journal, 2008

Thinking in fragments, poetry, 2010

the hour of the wolf, poetry/photography (with Jesse Marlow), 2007

                                                            under a migrant moon, poetry, 1999

                                                            the anarchy of water, poetry, 1998

                                                            snow in December, poetry, 2001

                                                            dead river oaks, novel, 2006

                                                             sleepgrains, poetry, 2004

                                                             thieves of time, poetry, 2013

                                                            a spider taps its feet in unison, meditation on solitude, 2010