Masterclasses - Devising - Theatre-production - Community-projects

2013: Star of Wormwood  European Tour
2013: Beauty of Scars Malthouse Theatre Melbourne/Australia
2014: Jakarta Masterclass and Festival
2014/2015: Nightduty International Tour
2015: Singapore Masterclasses and Festival
2015: Dresden Festival
2015: Geneva Festival

2015: Chiang Mai TAPS festival
2015: Isabelle Melbourne Season

2015: Roadwork Ahead Melbourne Season

2015/16: Fallen Angel Melbourne Season

2015: Small World Melbourne Season 

2015/2016: Weight of Time International Tour (September 2015-January 2016)

2016: Midsummer Night's Dream re-imagined Melbourne Season

2016: the space between raindrops Singapore and Taipei

2016: Masterclasses Taipei

2016: Masterclasses  Bonn

2016: Masterclasses Zurich

2016: Masterclasses Munich

2016: Festival Taipei

2016: in wired rain Melbourne season

2016: London TAPS Festival 

2016:  the tiger needs new shoes  Melbourne

2016: Love-The Musical  production Development

2017: Site-specific project Thailand

2017: Play development  regional Victoria/Australia

2017: heaven can wait    Production development Germany

2017: the tiger needs new shoes    Manila

2017: by the end of the year    Melbourne

2017: teaching and learning   Melbourne 

2017: missing in me  Melbourne 

2018: la mujer en el lago   Germany

2018: detour Melbourne

2018: missing in me  International Tour (Singapore, Thailand, China, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands)  

2018: the deep-freeze option    Melbourne

2018: Masterclasses    Indonesia

2018: spring awakening   Melbourne

2018/19: what country friends is this?    International Tour (Singapore, Thailand, China, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, USA, HongKong)

Workshop / Masterclass