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"I took my students to an International Theatre Conference and Joachim was an ensemble leader. The ensemble work he did with my students was innovative and exciting. I was then privileged to take students of mine to see some of the pieces he created with BYTE and found the work innovative and unlike other work being done with young people."

                                                                                             Mark Eckersley, Australia

"Joachim is an inspiring creative that develops his original ideas and concepts into sensitive and creative work. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and well connected in both the Australian and international theatre and drama worlds. Joachim is truly passionate about creating innovative theatre. "
                                                                                                     Liane Campbell, Australia
"Joachim is the artistic director of BYTE and he is a theatre director with much finesse who creates student performances which focus on 'real' young people issues. Not only does he create these works but he inevitably takes them on intercontinental tours and thus touches many people of different cultures through his outstanding and exciting work."
                                                                                                     Michael Pasternak, Switzerland

"Joachim is a fantastic theatre workshop leader and poet! He is ability to create an ensemble with young people that leads to create play and trust is outstanding."

Sherri Sutton, USA

"Joachim is a talented and inspiring teacher and director of theatre. He is also an accomplished playwright and his work with young people with his graduate theatre company BYTE is exemplary. He is passionate, dedicated and visionary."

Peter Wilkins, Canberra Times, Australia

"Joachim is a highly talented and highly skilled artistic director, poet and playwright. His organisational skills are second to none and his eye for detail is acute. In all the times I have worked with Joachim, both on productions and musical creation of works for those productions, the final standard was outstanding. Joachim would easily be one of the best

artistic directors I have ever had the opportunity to work with."


Yollete Stewart, Melbourne/Australia


Nightduty  (International Tour 2014/15)

'Night Duty by Joachim Matschoss is an absorbing and moving account of the lives of unmarried mothers, confined to a convent in the charge of nuns. BYTE Ensemble portrays the  cruel injustice of removal of the infants into adoption with powerful  conviction. The young ensemble of players exhibit sensitivity and compassion that lend Matschoss’s writing gripping authenticity.

At a time when the appalling treatment of young people in the care of the church or as wards of the state in Australia is being exposed and investigated, the treatment of the young women in Ireland in the early Twentieth Century holds particular resonance, and reminds us that we all have a duty to care for those disadvantaged and deprived by heartless institutionalization.

BYTE’s Ensemble of eight young women and one young man have afforded the play a truth that comes from extensive research and admirable performance skill, a skill that belies their youth and affords an audience riveting involvement in the tragic tale of the women and the sister who strives to bring them comfort and consolation.

Nightduty, is performed with effective minimalism and song that sways the emotion and reminds us that those less fortunate deserve our concern, our compassion and our help in achieving justice and building a better world.

I was deeply moved by the performances, enlightened by the script and reminded that we all have a responsibility to create a finer and more caring humanity. This is a production that should not be missed.'

Peter Wilkins

Theatre Reviewer, Canberra Times